Mobile Network Operators

Unlock new revenues through network, device, and software provenance

Wireless operators are in pole position to solve provenance and traceability challenges across dozens of use cases through the UCID™ platform.

Value beyond connectivity

For communications service providers (CSPs), the consequences of piracy include illegal streaming of unlicensed video and TV. We must go beyond current solutions that concentrate on single-factor authorizations and also leverage device verification.


Without UCID™
  • Illegal streaming

  • Intellectual property fraud

  • Revenue distribution

With UCID™
  • License verification for user, device, and content

  • Enhanced intellectual property protection

  • Assured verification and distribution of artist revenues

Designed to enhance user verification

UCID™ can significantly reduce illegal streaming by providing a three-factor verification that the user, device, and content has been properly licensed.

User licensing is verified through our $DigitalNames infrastructure while device usage authorization is verified using UCID™.

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Detect and flag vulnerabilities

When a device is registered on the UCID™ blockchain, digital signatures of all installed software are also recorded on the blockchain.  This data is used to check the NIST National Vulnerabilities Database for open vulnerabilities or required cybersecurity remediation.

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