Cybersecurity = National security

Congress approved $1.9B to “rip-and-replace” insecure networking devices across the country - specifically technology from listed Chinese providers.

National cybersecurity needs a new standard

With foreign malicious actors targeting both hardware and software, we must protect the ICT infrastructure by focusing on network device security.

We must go beyond current standards that are not specific enough to address potential national security vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Why UCID™?

Without UCID™
  • Personal data and identify theft

  • Governmental inefficiencies

  • Vulnerable government services

With UCID™
  • Real-time ID verification of text and voice calls

  • Secure robotic business process automation

  • Constituent verification and identity protection

Designed to enhance security documentation

As part of the Telecommunication Industry Association’s new supply chain security standard (SCS 9001) pilot activity, TNS is demonstrating how UCID™ can be used to identify, document, track and remediate network device vulnerabilities.

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Detect and flag vulnerabilities

When a device is registered on the UCID™ blockchain, digital signatures of all installed software are also recorded. This data is used to check the NIST National Vulnerabilities Database for open vulnerabilities and recommended remediation.

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