Tens of billions lost from counterfeit and fraud

2021 saw over $100 billion sold in counterfeit products with 1 in 5 five mobile devices being faked.

ICT  needs a
security breakthrough

With malicious actors targeting both hardware and software at an ever increasing rate, we must protect the ICT infrastructure by focusing on network and product security. We must go beyond organizational information security and address security vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

Why UCID™?

Without UCID™
  • Counterfeit Devices

  • Identity and personal data theft

  • Services Fraud

With UCID™
  • Real-time verification of connected devices

  • Real-time verification of authorized usage

  • Real-time identity verification of text and voice calls

Designed to support ICT supply chain security

UCID™ capabilities include network device hardware and software bill-of-material, counterfeit device detection, and software remediation monitoring.

These capabilities enhance network and data security and software supply chain visibility, component provenance, and internal change management processes.

Detect and flag vulnerabilities

Relevant vulnerabilities at a user-specified severity level can be automatically detected and recorded using the CVE/NVD feed, listed in a specified UCID™ field, and be immediately flagged for action as specified by the organization’s change management process.

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