Financial transactions are a prime target

2021 saw a 700% increase in mobile phone phishing attacks, many of which were posing as financial institutions.

Financial cybersecurity needs a new solution

With the continual adoption of mobile financial transactions and the rapid global move toward crypto and NFTs, we will certainly continue to see an uptick in phone number and multi-factor authentication spoofing. There is a pertinent need for a security solution that will detect and stop phishing threats before they have the chance to succeed.

Why UCID™?

Without UCID™
  • Personal data and identity theft

  • Counterfeit devices

  • Services fraud

With UCID™
  • Real-time ID verification of text and voice calls

  • Real-time verification of connected devices

  • Real-time verification of financial transactions

Used in revolutionary smartphone defense technology

Total Network Services (TNS), Rypplzz, and Forward Edge have partnered to bring Gabriel®, a revolutionary smartphone security solution, to the international marketplace. The product bundles artificial intelligence and natural language processing and the UCID™ with patented geospatial intelligence to deliver an easy-to-use smartphone defense system.

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Detect and flag vulnerabilities

When a device is registered on the UCID™ blockchain, digital signatures of all installed software are also recorded. This data is used to check the NIST National Vulnerabilities Database for open vulnerabilities or recommended remediation.

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