Business of NFTs
Thomas Carter

Thomas is the current interim CEO of Total Network Services Corp. A global blockchain infrastructure, naming services, and applications technology company. In addition, Thomas is responsible for the launch of Cap Value, LLC a Fintech Merchant Bank, and multiple funding platform forms for the purpose of principal investing into select vetted emerging growth companies. After starting his capital markets advisory company in 2006. Thomas began to add technology to improve the process. He Founded CapValue Inc in 2013. A Fintech, financial services, and capital advisory firm focused on providing development, early-stage, private companies with capital markets expertise: investment packaging, direct public offering, smart securities issuance, and related strategic advisory services and support. In 2016 Thomas founded DealBox one of the first blockchain: digital securities, issuance, capital markets advisory, investment packing services company. With an automated compliant issuer and investor marketplace for direct and syndicate security token offerings.

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